I think this video makes my master appear to come alive from the grave his name is zen master song song and I received dharma transmission from him through a YouTube video from the grave

when motive-hate hired august from e8t beats to produce for them I was at the friendship level to receive this preview but I was never supposed to release it
Growing up I ended up with his book “the compass of zen” and it was less gibberish than the Bible so I ended up reading it wice
at one point I had learned to counter pain by weaponizing my emotions with my own brand of experimental philosophy

August from e8t beats wanted me to listen to this beat when he was first hired by motive-hate we are that close of friends seized my vessel seized my vessel I wasn’t supposed to share it with anyone but something magic happened it makes my master come alive

August snapped at me when I sent him this video lol there was some Korean dude on his precious beat and he didn’t understand ir

So I waited like 4 years to release it……

Oh when the q makes fun of captian Picard on star trek seized my vessel seized my vessel lol

I was a sith lord and I had worm b over and I asked him if he ever saw my master and he said no so I pull him up on YouTube and the moment our eyes made contact I ran out of the room crying and cried on the couch another 16 minutes

Then i walked back into the room sat down in imy computer desk look up at the ceiling laugh histaricly at the top of my lungs for at least 10 minutes

I felt the change almost immediately

And I went with it

That is the story of my dharma transmission

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