the story of how when prompted a stone statue of Jesus came alive in an electrical storm it was over 10 years ago and about how the memory still gives James reinerson goose bumps when he thinks about it to this very day

We were picking up an ounce of weed in cokato and we were parked in a cemetery waiting for our budIt was precisely half light and half dark and there were leaves on the groundwe walk up to this stone statue of Jesus and somebody put a cigarette up to his mouth and nothing happenedThen i had the bright ideo to put a weed pipe up to the stone statue of Jesus mouth and it did somethingThe moment my weed pipe touched his mouth boom lightning flashed directly behind him in the cemeteryThen a mini tornado started that lifted all the leaves off the ground and saturated the air with them and we all ran back to the car laughing and side waysIt looked like a high budget movieMy theory is Tha Jesus is coming back because he has unfinished business cuz he was tortured

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