Just purchased a new 500 dollar microphone

It’s the same one I used to have my old one was ill

I already have 2 of the 5 beats that are gonna be on my next 5 song ep

It’s gonna be produced by e8t beats

I payed it all in full now I have a computer and microphone I haven’t really made any new songs since that nigger trigga tre betrayed me and stole my 1200 dollars computer and sold it for dope then got caught with it

I heard that niggas doing 10 years but I just heard a rumor he’s our idk all I know is he got caught with a lot of dope and we fought a lot cuz he was always on bulls hit and that was the final flaw

He couldn’t understand why he couldn’t come over anymore but That nigga was shady as fuck

Some people are black some people are niggas that’s the way I was brought up god

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