Replaced the 1200 computer trigga tre stole from me haven’t made any music since

I switched to writing after that. The dumb ass mother fucker wondered why he couldn’t come over anymore.

I gave him a free place to live let him use my equipment and mixed for him

The dumbass mother fucker sold my computer for dope and got caught with it. He’s doing 10 fucking years. Fuck I tried helping him and he repaid me by being a dumb ass nigger sorry for the n word but some black people are not niggers there black

I remember one time trigga tre had a chick over and they were smoking a big ass blunt. They were inside my trailor and he wouldn’t let me hit it so I psychically had to take it from him lol

I tried to help him so much

My new pc is nice for the price I paid for it….

it was on sale at the pawn shop. It’s better than my computer I had in 2015 it was 250 the 2015 one cost 700 new

I also bought a pair of beats by dre

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