People drive me artificially innsane then get mad at me because I’m schizophrenic that’s not a good combination we’ve been fighting about that for 10 years why does everyone call me crazy because I’m schizophrenic and have a handler

Nobody believes me that these voices are real around here I don’t know if anybody knows it yet but these voices are not good leaders there………………….

Everyone calls me crazy all my life because

Nobody wants to or can help me

Nobody’s gonna help me because there scared of the voices after all I’m scared myself

The voices know now that they are bad they will hide that from you

I think there more into having fun than me but my funs funner because there pissed off why do I continue to work knowing how pissed off they are cuz that’s just me but I fight for what I call good I cant avoid having fun traveling time with this story either way

Oh the mystical states that have been guiding me oh the romance of the cartoon dream world oh Christ oh watch me go on the mic before my powers were activated like they are now how good but misguided I am how painfull evolves

What if I was Christ’s ghost put back into a clone and wasn’t as powerful


Pray for him to come they time traveled on my ass who saw who first how many times has this happened where did it evolve

Was it really time travel or just made to look like time travel

Deep questions


  1. mitchteemley · June 18

    I’m praying for real peace and clarity for you. Are you in treatment?

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    • jahisprojectillogic · August 18

      I went into treatment and found it even though the voices are not completely gone they gave me some space I was able to save enough money for a new studio and made a down payment on getting a song produced on the e8t record label I already have 39 professional songs out I figured a lot of shit out by doing all this writing the last couple years

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      • mitchteemley · August 19

        Congrats on your recordings and progress. Blessings on your journey, my friend.


      • jahisprojectillogic · September 18

        Thank you my next 5 song ep is going to be produced by e8t beats thats being run by my friend August I have known for about 15 years I actually payed him in full bought i


      • jahisprojectillogic · September 18

        Fuck I accidentally posted the incomplete comment and now I can’t find it but I paid e8t beats in full I bought a used computer about a month ago and today I dropped on a 500 dollar microphone I haven’t really made a song in a couple years but baby I’m coming the fuck back [] D [] [] v[] [] D


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