I’m friends with Lord infamous

I don’t agree with his policies and were on different sides regarding the voices but he’s already dead and he’s a schizophrenic that’s 10 years older than me

When we’re both dead perhaps there’s something there you know we all transform into the force or go wherever we go eventually…….I wouldn’t mind getting to sleep in the mirky mist until I an needed again but lucid dreams are good too infact I just gotta ask you “have you ever felt what it’s like to be there? it’s my favorite place besides fading into the mist going lucid might give you certain powers with the feeling of being drunk and high at the same time but certain mystical states I have achieved awake are so much more mystical…..

Like the state I was awarded when I brought up Jesus on this blog in maybe the last 3 days

Enlightenment was boring it’s worth being bipolar to sometimes feel mystical it’s like being submerged in the mist
Igot my belief about the mirky mist or at least the name from Lord infamous becaus he rraps about it all the time but I don’t know if we’re both talking about the same thing or not

But we’re both schizophrenic we’re both Lord’s or something but look fellahs I’ve finally arrived to an evolved state after much learning plus I am n always around gangstas and I think we would both understand each other more because we’re both shizo but that’s just my feeling about it but I never met Lord infamous or heard his music until after he died but he’s schizophrenic too so that’s why i think he would be the one who actuallyunderstands me

I’ve been tortured

Even though we’re on opposite sides of this shit I ask was it schizophrenic to say all that I say probably but that is what I was thinking at the time I’m talking about this post so far

He’s 10 years older than me and he’s dead

That’s why I laughed so hard when on his song no love he cuts it early and announced he met somebody good at killing on the best day of his life lol and he stutters lol

My name is forever and it is my responsibility to balance it even if I do die I’m gonna work till the day I die I know nothing else so I can certainly be a slave for 4 more years something like Lord infamous projectillogic raps that astonish cronic hits I want more of the plant for giving it back

But I offer to balance the equation because right now I don’t feel it’s at all balanced but you must remember……. that I will get to be a god someday…….or I feel I will sleep in the mirky mist till I’m needed again…..but right now I’m just a slave that’s really having lots and lots of fun but I work my ass off work is my only fun

I should have let Hitler be my handler lol

But it appears I freed him or something

As a ghost of a sophisticated frog stuck to my window he looked at peace

If that’s who that was

But I’m sure that stick I burned would have been Hitler’s favorite stick if he would have saw it

It was just a stick that was shaking the house so I burnt it


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