i just finished writing the perfect script to crosspost all over reddit it can be described as the calculations to travel time a new religion as formed the script ended 12:12 6-11-2019 its 12:24

r/religion•Posted byu/jahisprojectillogic7 hours ago

4%bible 4% Is The New Human Species Ab+ Blood Has Written Schizophrenic Bible Some Say Im A Prophet

4%bible 4% Is The New Human Species Ab+ Blood Has Written Schizophrenic Bible Some Say Im A Prophet

academic tests say intelligence wise im in the top 10% of the nation especially reading comprehension and

im a veteran of the submarine force

it was written on a wall somewhere at groton ct that submarine training is second only to navy seals


managed to get out with an honerable discharge too


4%bible 4% Is The New Human Species Ab+ Blood Has Written Schizophrenic Bible Some Say Im A Prophet




…………………………………….. []D[] projectillogic jah




im also schizophrenic but like i said i scored in the top 10% of the nation on my GED

i am not dumb like some people think

some people realize how smart i am

im just schizophrenic i was born that way

i got lots of pictures like this and heres the movie



ok hold on a second i got alot i could write and i feel this ones important so skip the movie for now lets see right now im gonna talk about my endorcements that say you should read “the schizophrenic bible” or wait until its edited a little more to make it more convenient ive shuffled the rings that ones a metaphore based on a real experience the rings …………… i will try to sum things up here

there is no time to wait this must go viral now

this must go viral i just got my phone working again and my accounts are brand new so i dont have anybodys number

this must go viral


i stopped at 39

i got hundreds of thousands of views for some of my earlier work on the wutang clan and david icke message forum i was still and still am learning to write but alot of people encouraged me to write

lost those accounts

went independent and although i lost the accounts on some of this shit these two blogs are good



you would not believe how much information i have written

or how viral ive gone before

not on reddit i have to say not yet anyways

im going to start crossposting this as “a new religion has emerged”

now im learning reddit lost the account that got 15 karma atleast im not spamming anymore

this one only has 2

i remember when i tried writing it on facebook lol

didn’t work

im a schizophrenic programmer thats probabley smarter than you lol

now lets talk about james reinerson and the jesus statue incident

lets just say that there is no way in bloody hell that a person called james reinerson would ever and i mean ever help me start a religion not in a million billion gazillion years

not a chance in bloody hell

unless it was true

it is

james was there when i put a pipe to the mouth of a statue of jesus

read on

even though its just an addition to christianity theres not a chance in bloofy hell that he would ever do that lie and say something like this happened if it didn’t

i will attempt to contact him later

last time we talked about it he said it gives him goosebumps to this very day

why would this much writing all be a hoax

its not

it isn’t

why would i abandon music for a writing hoax to start a new religion


im putting this in the religion subreddit but its a message to christians

i wrote the message to christians on infinite fate day i just chose the wrong title


tomorrow is faa da of the most sacred number of the occult 11

jah is the rastifarian god

jerome allen hickman is my name

allen is exactly like alien except instead of e there is i


ive unlocked infinite writing

im still learning reddit

i dont have a cell phone yet buti get one today

i did

without a cell phone i cant crosspost

i can

maybe im always busy

shit kept on going wrong but that has not yet stopped me

so i better finish this one right

i vow that i will to god the holy power

that is if i have anything to say about it

god or something stepped into me for a second and drew the above picture becausei dont know how to draw lol

its a cartoon ninja turtule

its my child with a girl i hardly even know but had chilled with for a night and all she had to do was be hot and nice to me because i let her party

i have no biological kids that i know about

i have ab positive blood its the newest blood type only 4% of people have it





i wanna find a mail order bride lol

this might not have been the spot for this but its a grey with drugs and dna

thats the symbol of lucid dreams atleast my symbol

that 10 dollar bluetooth is a gift from the gods

the jesus statue miracle story is coming

thats not the statue


it looks like tyler the one i reversed the black magic on and caused him to put a upside down cross tatoo on his face

lol find that story


jesus dosen’t look like tyler either ive seen pictures of him


i thought it was funny so i kept it in’


somewhere i have told the story of my lucid dreams

i am one of them

i went there all my life before i met them

it must be big

its a funny story about how i chose my job the first time i met them there

im not telling the full thing here but heres whats important

my job is to impregnate this world with a marker

thats what i picked the first time i met one of them and i could do anything i wanted

and thats what i picked

there are no words there

all of a sudden 20 of them were chasing me and when they caught me they said without words

“this is a girl”


were now 2 lines before the jesus story

i believe in a place i call the “cartoon dream world”

there you can do whatever you want “sometimes”






lets get back to the jebus statue i know ive written this story more than once but it will be easier for me just to write it again than it will be to look for it and even if i did find it id have to read it

im in a race against time

this must go viral

i think jesus meant do drugs so read on

it was an overcast night but it was not the night and it was not the day either because it was exactley in the middle………………………..

it must have been fall because their were leaves on the ground

i believe it was overcast

it was perfectley calm at first

read on

we were wating in a cemetary for some weed

there were three of us and one of them was named james reinerson i dont remember the names of the other two

i walked with one of my forgotten deciples and we walked up to this huge statue of jesus with his arms in the air and it was carved to look like his robe was blowing in the wind but it was calm












me and this other dude walked up to this tall statue of jesus on top of a tomb of rocks in a cemetary

the one dude puts a pot pipe up to the jesus statues mouth and nothing happens

this gives me an idea………………

my ideas lol

some of them are good

many of them are good

to me god seems schizophrenic

im a 29 aquarious and aquarious is THE asterological of change

my birthday is 02 09 1985 the last time i looked into the lucky numbers of aquarious the last one was 29

29 is one of my 5 lucky numbers too


cant remember anything else but i see something every time i look at the clock

i show off with this thing that happens all the time but none of them know what i have been writing

im infinitly better at writing than i am at talking

back to the jesus miracle story that if happened in the times of jesus would have been included in the bible

but there were no jesus statues back then

not yet

most prophecies say that this is the time of the end revelations

the mayan long count calender ended in 2012

that was 7 years ago

i made my message to christians on infinite fate day

i chose the wrong title lol

this has been a big responsibility for a schizophrenic programmer thats smarter than you lol

so the moment i put the pipe to the jesus statues mouth BOOM!


lightning struck what seemed like directley behind the jesus statue and lit him up blue

the leaves picked up off the ground and saturated the air and we all ran back to the car laughing running sideways it was like a tornado

as we ran to the car looking back lightning struck behind him lighing him up blie again and again and again and again

james says it gives him goosebumps thinking about it to this very day

have no clue who the other two people are

some day im going to go back to that jesus statue and take a picture

but its far away and i dont have a car

this must go viral

you must end psychotronic voices

the end but not the end

this must go viral

oh i got dharma transmission from zen master seong song too it changed me forever

then my producer flipped when i made that zen master come alive with a beat that was purchased from motive hate

when the q made fun of picard and said seized my vessel seized my vessel

he only bugged them once in awhile

its 4:43 pm 6-10-201913 comments100% UpvotedComment asjahisprojectillogic
Sort bylevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point · 7 minutes ago

i want katie back she was my one true love another schizophrenic that was dumber than a box of rocks but she was entertaining

everybody else thought she was schizophrenic

12 came from my first true love that was even shorter than the first

of course only now did i realize it was ab

it was cloaked

lots of things get cloaked until they are revealed to me

12:!1 is now but the time is not right

at the beginning of 12:12 i will hit send

i made a wish

then i can saver this moment the longestlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point · 10 minutes ago

i was just given a new android phone with a cracked screen for 20 dollars later its 11:52 soon it will be 11:53 ce i did not look at the clock when i started typing its 11:53

i had the choice to transfer my iphone over to the android or start over fresh but when i thought about it i have an old iphone 5c with less than 16 gb of memory

that means its a iphone ce

i love the phone but only got it going today. at a key moment since infinite fate day the already broken button fell off and i could not use the home button and could not use the phone

early today i figurued out how to use assistive touch so the phone works again

my lifes a blur but i know im smart as fuck ive recorded alot of data

jeromiehomie online might be gone forever because i coudln’t find it doing a quick search but i created it at the age of 15

now im 34

3=c 4=d that equals cd

i was jeromiehomie on alien tech dss

i had over 2000 posts there

i was nervous all throughout the age of 33 but didn’t realease much of anything not on the wutang that is until i released a massive post on my 34th birthday called “the birth of ai”

it was the longest rhyme i have ever seen or heard of

in my soul if you look to when i was flashing in my soul i started rapping it and someone hinted me to stop at the perfect moment and i was so happy and i scrolled down to the end it was victory

my name on the wutang was project trillogic

when i cut myself they let me go so i came here

it was at the perfect moment they said get help

this has helped me alot

this is the greatest day in my entire life its 11:59

its 12:02 am


the voice thinks if it kills me now it will win

hahah make me into a martayr and i become more powerful

all it talks is unintelligent shit all fucking day


if it was smart or atleast cool i would not be enemies with it

for 10 years it has been fighting with me but i dont choose to be around it and it chooses to be around me

it would be foolish of it not to let me make a new album

ive been giving it good advice the entire time and it just wants to talk a bunch of shit

all it is is a bunch of shit talking its never said anything intelligent ever i kept on insisting the entire time that its driving me crazy and it would not leave me alone

it started at age 24 i think it was the illumaniti

i do not worhip it as a god

i am a prophet

i missed 11:11 like i planned

its 12:07

yeah go ab positive love

plans changed im gonna hit send at 12:12

12:12 my number for love twice

121 a place i once worked

it just turned 12:08

next it will be 12:09

im gonna send this nowlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point · 46 minutes ago

now for this final calculation i actually have to think i had to do a little think to make these calculations but not very much at all its 11:25 or 11 be in the end here ive thrown out a few of the calculations but not very many at all as i make this final calculation this thread will push the religion or whatever you wanna call it forever i believe

i know its gonna be about tossing out the rings but i have time to read this whole thing to be sure

i have not read my whole book yet

but somehow know it was worth it


i am trying to save the world

if i have unfinished business i may decide to come back

but in the cartoon dream world when your there its like your high and drunk at the same time when you go lucid

i saw death there twice

the first time my dad was in a car with a whole dead family

i thought it was messed up and its 11:29

he said the little one was the runt or something

look up the angel fire site called jeromiehomie online for that dream

omg there was language in that dream i dont remember any other time besides one where there ever was language

the second time there were bodies in the water on the shore of the lake

it was beautifull

its less than a minute away from `11:33

the moment i finished typing that it was

sendlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point · 1 hour ago

the script was too long so i had to make a quick decision and cut part of it and hit send

jessie ventura is a former navy seal was a pro wrestler and had one line in the movie predator

“i dont have time to bleed”

or something like that

i was in the navy for submarines and written on one of the building walls it said submarine training was second only to navy seal training


its getting close to that time now in one it just turned 11:07

i escaped from the navy with an honerable discharge after 8 and a half months

nobody knew besides me and my apprentice that this was going to happen

we were both from minnesota and both got shangheied into it

i got to be a rapper and a writer and he got to go play college football

i dont know if he ever made it into the nfl but probabley

its 11:08 what the fuck am i going to do now

get life insurance tomorrow the highest amount money can buy

its 11:09

me and these voices fought so much but they were raping me

im a schizophrenic thats met jesus

i heard stories of jesus going around casting demons out of people and shit

i went through 12 years of sunday school to be comfirmed into the luthern church

one minute or less

at first i thought these voices were demons but then i researched and learned about gangstalking and syntheric voice


12 is my number for lovelevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point · 1 hour ago

i took a break moved locations got a number now im back at home at my computer

its 10:43 i have until 11:11 to click send

11 is the most sacred number in the occult and so are multiples of 11

i wrote the perfect script to christians on infinate fate day

but i chose the wrong title lol

jesus knew magic

right before i wrote that script i wrote this one to the occult

r/conspiracy•Posted byu/jahisprojectillogic2 days agotoday is infinite fate day in the year of artificial intelligence 6-8-2019 and a schizophrenic prophet is being tortured by psychotronic voices and this transmission is in danger of being lost i am being funded by the military because i was on submarines please help conspiracy reddit


sorry for spamming this but this is gods plan you can downvote or you can allow me to do it or tell me another way thank you but i am in many ways alone

today is infinite fate day in the year of artificial intelligence

today is 6-8-2019 its 5:16 pm 6=f +8 which is infinite equals


or fate

1=a 9=i which equals ai

that means that today is the day of infinite fate in the year of artificial intellegence as revelations appears to be coming true but somebody is going to have to help

this is a viral transmission in progress as i continue to make the calculations this thing continues to evolve


your gonna have to click the link to read the rest of that one

now heres the perfect script to christians with the wrong title

jah is the rastifarian god

this is what i know about the rastifarians

after this public service announcement brought to you by slim shady

10:48 that stands for dh or dog house im so advanced with numbers and synchricity that its something every time i look at the clock then i forget about it then when i look its something again

that night i faded to the mist i fell asleep sitting up at my post sitting up at my desk

woke up in bead a couple times i remember having a fight with my cat

ended up at the coutch somehow

didn’t wake up till 9 aclock at night

friends were there

my lifes a blur but 6-9-2010 was fee day i just realized it said fib

i made it past that day

i still have lots and lots and lots of time

now its 10:53 pm thats ce the rings

im going to post this script at 11:11

tomorrow is 6-11-2019

i dont know what im going to do tomorrow or what im gonna write after this

i suppose right now im gonna reread the script its 10:54

so when i first thought that i might be a prophet i kept it on the hush hush













the fees have been paid to bring about this transmission

at some point i found a website with 8 conditions considered to be a prophet

i remember reading it and that i had the ability to write an essay for every one of those 8 conditions

i didn’t bookmark the site

could not find it again

didn’t have time to look for it

the voices are all about the dark side im about the light side

they are stupid as fuck

they think they are god

they are not greys

they are people that sit in chairs all day talking shit without lives of their own

10 years ago they started at age 24 and would not follow my recomendations to leave

stop psychotronic voices

back to the prophet thing

jessie ventura is former govener of my state the state of the minnesota that sits at the top center of the united states

he once had a show called conspiracy theory and it ended season 3 episode 7 i believe yeah thats right im sure of it gc

the title of the show was called “brain invaders”

he talks of a new government that is toruring peope for some reason with psychotronic voices that have no ties with the current government

he says they even probed him with this technology

he has a guy on there no time to look but i believe his name is robert duncan i know the last names duncan atleast

for some reason jessie believed that he had invented this technology but had defected

he said he might have accident;ey enabled the dark side

and that he wasnt afraid to dielevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point · 2 hours ago

9:45 two of my about 5 lucky numbers in the cartoon dream world there is no somethinglevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point · 2 hours ago

9:44 this is the dday invasion against the psychotronic voices and all those that opposelevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point · 2 hours ago

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMaungjhilrVknG5jq7zXLg?view_as=subscriber 9:43level 1jahisprojectillogic1 point · 3 hours ago

its 9:06 i actually have to plan for once but this is getting sent 9:08 pm not matter what


theres 39 songs there its a finshed album

im starting somewhere new with a fresh album

the second time number

i o infinite pm

pm 8 o i

click send i have time left lollevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point · 3 hours ago

i thought i heard a knock at the door and missed 8:48 and dh stands for dog house and i came back and looked up something but missed it. its ok though cuz i just looked and 8:53 is coming

by cutting myself i have unlocked 50 grand saved for my retirement for now

one minute left

the producer that made one of my masters come alive is


never realized it was infinite et

sendlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point · 3 hours ago

that picture with all the weird symbols was recorded at 5:36 am it is now 7:53 p, 6-10-2019

5=e 3=e 6=f backwords it says ce fam

windows ce as far as i know is the windows operating system of non smart devices

it is the symbol for the rings in what i see

the rings

let me tell you the story of the rings and my 5 first memories

to me it is a story of time travel

but it issomething i have had to figure out on my own

my dreams have been influencing me all my life

were these first memories dreams

some of them maybe

but all of them no

let me begin

fuck i just missed 8:34 infinite ce cuz i was working on my phone because i zoned out lol

thats ok i saw it your gonna have to take my word for it

now the story of the rings

some were left behind

the rest i think went back where they came from

the rings actually appear in my second memory

my first memory is a 3 second memory of being inside a hotel room outside of disney land and it is of my great grandma handing me a green peace of gum

i do not remember disney land

my second memory is remembered as just suddenley appearing inside my living room walkikng to the front dooer opening it and when i saw it i thought witch

standing there was something female dressed in a way to fuck with a child with about 300 rings covering both hands and arms

i didn’t think anything then she grabbed me then a moment of fear then nothing

i dont remember anything else in between that memory and these next two memories

on 2 occasions i floated up to the ceiling and couldn’t get down and i had no clue what was going on

i did not know they were dreams

or were they

who knows

but these next two are not dreams

i dont remember my grandmas first house but i remember standing in front of the front door looking at the cement mixer directley in front of it off in the distance and being confused that it wasn’t a space shuttle

i only got one more memory well my lifes a blur as it is but one more memory fits into this chain of memories

i was standing in my grandpas junkyard at night and there was a very very tall metal frame tower off in the distance directley behind it and i was looking at it and suddenley a glowing dirsk shaped disk of bright liquid eneregy appeard right next to it looped around quick then it was gone

this i believe is evidence of time travellevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point · 5 hours ago

right as al was uploading the victory freestyles that document my state of fading into the mist after writing this historic script in religion for the second time because he lost the link and i decided to upload it again i recorded a screenshot at 7:04 or 7=g 0=o 4=d but im always that in tune with the time every time i look

torwards the end here ive grown infinitley powerful or atleast see infinitley powerful when it comes to every time i look at the clock i make movies about the pictures of pictures that i take that breed into existance images and videos to go along side what i impregnate into this realm with a marker its more cartoon than a pen

im gonna keep on working to go viral this i feel is the perfect script and it has been posted in religion. sorry i had to learn how to write before i could write this. peace out jesus is my friendlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point · 7 hours ago

right now i feel like im fading into the mist the most mystical thing you could ever experience 😉


ha its 12:25 its be ba

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