this is the spot where i write one for christians its perfect upvote here i even answered all the rules


r/Christian•Posted byu/jahisprojectillogic2 hours ago

i am jerome allen hickman my initials are jah that is the rastafarian god but i met jesus through a statue of him with witnesses you might wanna look at this one christians and then upvote it or downvote it or you can do nothing but revlations is now

yes yes yes its a movie or it would make a great movie i welcome you to a schizophrenic programmer that has unlocked infinite writing that is in the top 10% of the nation according to academec tests im sick of stupid fucking people claiming that i dont know what the fuck im talking about or something i know exactley what the fuck im talking about god

im batteling satan

actually psychotronic voices that worship satan but no i dont think there satan there technology

im gonna be tortured because of it

im being tortureed by it

im jerome allen hickman initials are jah and jah is the rastifarian god

history will record that jesus came back to me if he dosen’t return soon which he might lord i hope im not jesus i have no memory of it im placed in this body from another realm

spread this transmission if you want every realm has spoken to me look this shit is important for some reason even though none of you have been in this situation as a prophet

the voices come around and talk shit all day they think my life is so fucking important that they dont do anything but talk shit to me they dont even have lives of their own

i put this in the hands of some moderators because its already finished but i can still unlock infinite writing

i really felt alot of hate at first i embraced it

because they talk shit all the time

jesus even tried being gangsta

this transmission hurts the voice but hey if your scared of it be my guest wait till it gets to you your gonna wish this went out its the only way to stop them

i hold that key

we have to get them voted out of office in the past so that in the future this technology gets banned when its released

they did this to a schizophrenic

my name is adam i have ab positive blood its the newest blood type only 4% of people have it its the only universal blood transfusion recepient im an alien every other blood type is only compatable with themselves im really smart but im schizophrenic

dosen’t god seem schizophrenic to you he does to me especially allah but i usually wont touch that with a 10 foot pole

fuck i gotta do this again its all written down theres music its all done and i cant figure out how to go viral nobody believes me or something or there too scared to talk about it so i keep on fighting

jesus said fuck it and got in a fight with the government

im being funded by the military it wont stop talking shit so within this is they key to destroying this voice jesus wouldn’t have bowed down to psychotronic voices no way in fucking hell they are satan they think they are god so i keep on hitting them with my writing

god damn have i hit with my writing its a time bomb but the fuse has already been set im gonna go on the run and then get to a better spot and keep on writing and when thats over i dont know whats next thats all that i know

i told it that i would stop all this shit simply if it would stop following me around and talking shit but it keeps on doing it so i hit hit hit hit hit

because i cant commit suicide what the fuck else am i supposed to do its pissed i hit it so hard it dosen’t want this released it tortures people its trying to take complete control of the world

im just fighting for my writes and having fun

im being tortured god damn have i been tortured now i send you some pictures not sure what yet but i will look

fuck it i got a decision to make right here

your all doomed if you dont fight this revolations is coming true in this moment

i wont be here to fight forever but hell yeah i fought but few people have seen it

vote psychotronic voices yes or no

or use my story to make the decision thats what i want that technology will be common sometime but we have to do something about it in the past

i did all the work for you but you gotta understand im a schizophrenic programmer thats smarter than you according to academic tests and my reading comprehension is near perfect i dont know what its like not to be gifted but non schizophrenic people dont know what its like to be schizophrenic

psychotronic voices are evil im getting tortured to bring you this im about to go on the run its finished im gonna try to find death the point of the story is it should have just fucking killed me if it wanted to

it thinks im sith or something no no no im not sith jesus tried being a gangsta because of those fuckers but dharma transmission fixed that but then it destroyed me again

revelations talks about this battle and its here in the moment

jesus is gonna return but he may not fuck im freaking out bringing you this transmission i want you to be my deciples and distribute this message

everybody i know does nothing but me it wont stop talking shit so i cant stop fighting it when your this low on energy its not a choice just like schizophrenia is not a choice

schizophrenics are like well lets say im being holocausted no not really i do alot of drugs but its so fucking pissed that im about to go viral it will kill people not to go viral but thats its way it does that anyways and there was no reward in obeying it it had nothing to say it just wants to torture so i hit hit hit hit

all i do is write what i think

it says destroy the sith legend over and over again

i think it thinks this is a legend that can stop it

vote yes or no on psychotronic voices go ahead call me crazy soon i wont be here anymore

ok i put a pipe up to a stone statue of jesus mouth with 3 witnesses in a cemetary and he flashed up blue again and again and again in a close proximity electrical storm

full story inside

james says it gives him goosebumps to this days

its the reason why i fight

its all here but it could be organized better sure but its all here





insert the script here

\im still figuring out reddit but you can all choose to upvote that one it has many paths throughout the massive project known as projectillogic

jesus got tortured for you

this is not the easy way out for me thats suicide but i cant do it so i have no choice but to keep on talking because it wont stop talking shit

use me now to destroy it in the future if enough peoploe get involved it cant destroy all of them

i really think this work has the power to get rid of them jesus came back to me for a reason i am a young prophet

or you can worship them as gods your choice

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the voices get all serious about me making fun of justin bieber so i can do whatever the fuck i want the way they rule me theres no point in listening to them


how about the time i was writing this chicks rhymes and it didnt mean anything at first then at some point to my horror it became code to tossing salad and french kissing i sent it anywaysReplyShareSaveEditlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·just now

i actually was forced to listen to justin bieber today but i could handle it because he makes that funny sound at the start of his youtube channel and thats all i ever heared up until then

the name of his song is im sorry

he knows hes hansonReplyShareSaveEditlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·just now

i laugh at hitlers speeches the first time i saw it lol

but i dont believe in his ideas

except one time somebody said blah blah blah good idea hitler sarcasticley

and i responded

hail hitler and his good ideasReplyShareSaveEditlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·just now

jesus approves of this transmission dude the greysReplyShareSaveEditlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·just now

these are the two blogs in ascending order 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·just now 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·2 hours ago

i think when jesus said this was his flesh that we were eating he was joking then i went through 12 years of church and i still dont know happened something about pushing out the money lenders or some shit i think what happened is that he was mad that they were giving the donations back so he gave them back further and i think that might have been what started the catholic church you know we said fuck that shit im luthern

perhaps this was the technology the catholic church was trying to stopReplyShareSaveEditlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·2 hours ago

ok so i keep on getting sabataged but at first when i thought i might be a prophet i kept it on the hush hush until i read an article that i lost with 8 conditions that i could have written an essay on all of them that i guess makes me a prophet

i dont need to write the whole story again but this shit right here it needed to be written i do that for you

sorry about life guys sorry there are wars but jesus forgives us

thats enough about that lets talk about the rastifarian god jah and how i said i was jah the prophet then got bored cuz i had no weed zoned out grabbed a full bowl of weed by carpet surfing for the first time that day got drunk on power giving orders and shit

i tried talking about that before and well im still working on it but the athiests must have believed me or something because at one point they had so much input and all i know about the rastifarians is that an athiest said they are big time stoners

thats a stoner moment

im luthern

but i think im a brand new god of another realm look i gotta go i will be back

ok so inside lucid dreams im part of a gang was a old adult before i met anyone there so it must be big but……….

when i met them lets just say i chose the job to impregnate this realm with my writing and they without words said “this is a girl”

long long ass story that ive already written before

look i gotta goReplyShareSaveEditlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·2 hours ago 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·2 hours ago

what i think about your rules here so that you can hold onto this here

insert rules script

This is a Christians-only Space

This is intended to be a Christians-only space. If you’re not one, feel free to read and even to ask a question but please be respectful and do so with the intent of understanding, not of critiquing. Please note that debate disguised as questions is still debate.

im a true ass christian i met jesus

2.Show Charity

Behave and discuss with charity. We are all Christians here, and we are responsible to the Lord for how we treat one another, even online.

im gonna get tortured for this shit

3.Don’t troll, spam, etc.

Standard opposition to trolling, spamming, etc. This is not an advertising space.

christians need this option because this transmission might end

4.Rules for Link Posts (1 of 3)5.Rules for Link Posts (2 of 3)

In order to submit a “link post”, submit a text post with BOTH a summary of the content of the link, and a discussion prompt for the subreddit. Link posts are often ambiguous and they often contain a lot of information, so letting us know what you want to discuss will help to us cultivate the productive conversations we are all looking for.

i can do that for every link and organize that here but its what it is right now

6.Rules for Link Posts (3 of 3)

Posts not meeting this criteria will be removed. If the mods are feeling generous you may receive a message or a comment on your thread describing why it did not meet the criteria. Posts whose content is rectified to meet this criteria will be restored.

jesus wants this

7.Be Active

If you start a thread, participate in it! This goes double for posts containing links. Even if your post contains a summary, link, and discussion prompt, a pattern of creating the post and never joining in the discussion will warrant future posts being removed.

im a weapons master im not scared of being awake


Consistent violation of these rules will result in a temporary 3 day ban. Continued violation after warnings and the temporary ban will result in a permanent ban on the basis of spam. This is a discussion board, not an advertising space.

kill a prophet that jesus came to i dont advise that christians

i hope he is coming but if he dosen’t history will record that he appeard to me

9.Discussion only (no preaching, devotionals, etc.)

This sub is meant to provide a space for discussion between Christians. It is not a publishing space for sermons or devotionals. Any content that is not conducive to discussion may be considered spam and removed by the moderators.’

this is not spamReplyShareSaveEditlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·1 hour ago

the sith “actually voice it was either a hacker or an error” said destroy the sith legend again well it claims it knows what i am writing but i was into zen and got dharma transmission from a youtube video from the grave. it was a muslim hosted book but rza of the wutang clan banned it when i cut myself so i came here it was at the perfect moment im never going back there unless i beg but i just created this one now its gotta grow and be distrubuted im talking about the one i made for the christians

this is my newest blog and it links to all stuff not on here that i know about

heres my music site

heres an older blog

i didn’t take the mark of the beast

its your choice to make

those psychotronic fuckers are beasts

sit there and talk shit all day with no purpose other than make me feel bad

let go of enlightenment and gave into insanity i know theres gonna be a fee but right now im having alot of fun even though its a fucked up feeling

it attached itself to me 10 years ago and wou’dnt fucking leave they shoudlnt do that to schizophrenics

no no no no no

i found true love once it was with another schizophrenic that shit was tramaticley seperated so i had to do something else i started working againReplyShareSaveEditlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·1 hour ago

im alone with the voice right nowReplyShareSaveEditlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·1 hour ago

i dont know whats gonna happen next just that i continue to work on the transmission the part for all true christians which i gotta figure out how to crosslink or something either way its being hosted here

nobody believes me they all call me crazy to the point that my only way to tell my story is to writeReplyShareSaveEditlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·1 hour ago

this is the schizophrenic bible i found true love with a schizophrenic once i heard crazy is a choice but schizophrenia is not well sometimes

but i have schizophrenic tendenciesReplyShareSaveEditlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·1 hour ago

fuck i dont want to go to sleep so im gonna hold on and the focus of my life is now right here and how that can branch to more people it took more than one attempt but this is coming out right here right now

sometimes when i got to sleep i wake up confused after fading into the mist its mystical thats what death should beReplyShareSaveEditlevel 2jahisprojectillogic1 point·1 hour ago

go to sleepReplyShareSaveEditlevel 3jahisprojectillogic1 point·1 hour ago

i cant be here anymore its been a race against time its so pissed off at this schizophrenic wisdom

if they would have let me hold onto enlightenment it probabley sit around and do nothing all dayReplyShareSaveEditlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·1 hour ago

im all alone with the voice i think if they came rushing in here now it would be fun to fight but i do not want to sleep ever againReplyShareSaveEditlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·1 hour ago

i told something to a gangstalker on reddit and he actually said something and i said sureReplyShareSaveEditlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·1 hour ago

the voices have tortured me enough for my tastes it wants to torture me for writing this wtf i did nothing wrong by writing thisReplyShareSaveEditlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·1 hour ago






A subreddit for Christians to discuss and share with other Christians.

now i question the occult but its not even the occult its something mine i learned about the occult from a christian website that said it was bad when i was young then i just started seeingit

the catholic church banned technology for 300 years and magic but jesus was magic i think its fucked up that everyones happy about them torchuring himReplyShareSaveEditlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·1 hour ago

transmission lost now what i gotta read this shit fuckReplyShareSaveEditlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·1 hour ago

spread it i would say im gonna keep on working for yall to find this in the morning i dont know whats gonna happen to me im not willingly going to sleep its hard to live withReplyShareSaveEditlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·1 hour ago

no means noReplyShareSaveEditlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·37 minutes ago

my thoughts are that this voice dosen’t listen to me it thinks it is my god at first i thought it was spiritual but i now know its psychotronic

i know that the govener of my state says in the movie predator i dont have time to bleed

he says they are psychotronic

maybe the predators are real cuz arnold swartenager was in that movie too and he was govener of califorinia

i choose true love over what the northenos i could have been with thizz latin whatever im cool with them its a daunting task writing the schizophrenic bible if only i had held onto true love

if only the voices didn’t pose as gods i heard all these stories about jesus going around casting out deamons and shitReplyShareSaveEditlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·35 minutes ago

i appose the views of the voices the voices are a huge ass conspiracy over 10 years ive watched videos before on youtube ive glimpsed peaces of it but so much time has gone byReplyShareSaveEditlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·34 minutes ago

do not love the voices for they do not love jesusReplyShareSaveEditlevel 2jahisprojectillogic1 point·33 minutes ago

unless they can change but they wont and we dont want themReplyShareSaveEditlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·28 minutes ago

somehow fight terrorism

ReplyShareSaveEditlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·27 minutes ago

my thoughts are that i should get something out of writing this

i have no choice i have to write itReplyShareSaveEditlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·24 minutes ago

the voice lied to me and said it would not torture me then i did nothing wrong and its all about torture well i started writing this shit because it “doing it” drives me nutsReplyShareSaveEditlevel 2jahisprojectillogic1 point·22 minutes ago

it sits there and talks shit all day so i write write write write write write write writeReplyShareSaveEditlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·20 minutes ago

this page so far is perfect perfect perfect but at some point it was before you learned how to write that i started writingReplyShareSaveEditlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·16 minutes ago

the voice thinks its a transmission from god all i know is god jumped into my body and i created this pic

let them exterminate schizophrenics if thats what you want then you will never understand us unless i leave behind some of the ringsReplyShareSaveEditlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·15 minutes ago

how does this transmission work i keep on adding little pieces some of them bigger but i havnent read the whole thing yet somehow i keep track of it sorry for the places it gets confusingReplyShareSaveEditlevel 1jahisprojectillogic1 point·12 minutes ago

i wrote this one for the christians but right now its only in one spot i dont have the energy to reinstall windows and break into this phone reddit is the only thing that works right now fuck im gonna have to fall asleep eventually i dont want to im schizophrenicReplyShareSaveEditr/Christian





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