one of the first songs i ever recorded was in 2006 and lil wayne did a song about it swear to god hear me out

a year later lil wayne and fat joe come out with this song

i never heard about this song though lil wayne wasn’t big back then i had never heard of him personally when i called into a radio station called b96 during the writers strike and they asked me to call in every day

so i did so for two years until one day they all just started hanging up on me and talking shit behind my back via the occult and nobody even fucking believed me that any of this shit happened destroyed my life

but all i ever got out of the deal were lil wayne tickets and for some reason we spent 6 hours walking up to the front of the stage and there i went crazy and did “the elbow dance” for lil wayne and he made his hit song called lollipop and it went number one in the world all i got was cursed for promoting him for that long i should have tried defending myself more but gangstalkers scared me away and shit and all that shit was wrong there are others that feel that way too what the fuck

but anyways i never heard of lil wayne till after i went to that lil wayne concert and after that concert this song comes on the radio but the one i liked listening to was the studio version

not on the music video version but in the album version he wispers j hickman in the beginning i noticed that then he raps about me walking up to him at the concert and shit and says my name jerome in it like 5 times but the fucked up shit about all of it is that make it rain was made in response to commander crunk before that concert before i had ever heard of him. thats some fucked up mojo

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