i have 39 songs that allow my voice to escape the mirky mist when i die

the first images time is 12:34 am i picked it randomley and it was the correct one to pick because 1=a 2=b 3=c 4=d which equals ab cd and this is my 39 song cd and i have ab positive blood which is a very rare blood type which is the only one that is a universial blood transfusion recipient. all other blood types are only compatable with themselves. i may be schizophrenic but i receive funding from the military for my writing and my music and at this point im just having fun trying to release my lifes work before its too late this is one fucked up place i hear its controlled by satan i could never be cool with satan just satanists lol but i was taught he was bad this is revolations unfolding its the end of the mayan long count calander its the birth of ai its 2019 my initials are jah and thats the rastafarian god all i know is that i tried saying i was him on reddit and this is a true stoner moment

but i at first started saying i was jah the prophet because some people consider me a prophet but i had no weed and i was bored and my memory tells me that after the first time saying i was the rastifarian god jah i zoned out reached out grabbed a full bowl of weed got drunk on power and started giving orders and shit. i didn’t know much about reddit at the time “making another attempt” but the athiests i think might have believed me or something because they were flooding me with comments. one of the athiests said that the rastifarians are big ass stoners and thats all i know about them but i think im rastifarian now even though i was raised luthern

looks like im gonna write the same stuff i wrote before again here but its gonna be more organized and this is gonna be my main page that links to all my writing out there for some reason people encouraged me to write all these years all i know is that i have a story to tell im a prophet all i hasicley know about prophets is that they speak to god i dont pray or anything but i believe i am influenced by god and i reject the devil i was raised luthern plus that time i put a pipe up to the mouth of a jesus stature and he came alive in an electrycial storm im sure you can find that story somewhere within these pages probabley even more than once but i have alot of writing people have been encouraging me to write this is my new blog

the next post i write is gonna be my reddit account i am trying to go viral psychotronic voices say there gonna kill me i think maybe the sub got hit because im famous and i tried to speak jesus but nobody actually says whats going on per say

i cant commit suicide dont know how and then i get beat down by the psychotronic voices and i get so weak that fighting back is not even a choice plus i have schizophrenic tendencies that are not a choice all the time but im smart as fuck im a talented writer but i dislike reading very much but i read a couple books a year.

damn before i was writing on a fucking cell phone and that was precise and slow as fuck i forgot how fast i can type i can type like really really fucking fast and it was hard at first but now this is going smoothly i have schizophrenic tendencies thats why that happened. but im gonna go aheade and post this then im gonna read what i have for my new blog so far it went by super fast and super easy just like me im talented as fuck with a weapon plus im quick as fuck some people think i punch really hard but i think im a pussy idk

that reminds me i made it half way to black belt the person not who trained me but did the belt tests name was grandmaster buyong lee the origional person that brought taekwondoe to the united states so i guess that made him the taeqwondeo grandmaster of the whole united states i have no idea what the fuck he was doing in a small town like that now. he was really old and skinny and i found out he died and i never got to see him fight but the person that instructed me said those kicks come out so fast theres nothing you can do about them

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