here are a bunch of links you can click but im gonna try to tell the story better on this blog and then head into the future

i know this next link is a little schizophrenic but i really thought i was gonna die that night and spent a couple nights flashing in my sould i thought lol its got some cool shit on there i was bored and i ended it early at the perfect time but its got some mystical stuff contained within it if your board i had alot of fun making it look for my legendary sword style and my binerial beat mix i call the mirky mist

that one i called my flashed in soul but awhile has gone by since then but not too long

heres a link to the mirky mist i haven’t listened to it in awhile but i thought it was god himself and could have stayed there the rest of my life im a good mixer and know how to feed off binerial beats sometimes its like eating a cheesburger but you gotta get the most specific frequencies possible to feed like i do i dont know if everyone else is hungry for what i feed on all i know is they took me away from ugly insanity and made me into a god

this is season 3 episode 7 of former govener of my state jessie venturas show conspiracy theory the whole series ended after this last episode he talks about psychotronic voices bullying people and what he talks about is what i experience but everybody keeps on insisting im crazy but i think its all a conspiracy i dont like being here but nobody fuckign believes me i kept on trying to tell the voices i would be better off without them i have schizophrenia but its like they sit in chairs somewhere and that there life dont matter they dont have a life of their own no no no its all about my life and they gotta just keep on talking shit so i talk shit back id be better off without them id commit suicide if i could but cant get myself to do it
this is an earlier breeding of images that was initiated by a rainbow beaming one of those huge towers that nobody knows what is used for that jessie ventura says are psychotronic weapons and even though i took the picture it must have been cloaked cuz i didn’t realize there was a tower there until a year later then it turns out there are two

this is a youtube account with some videos

im wearing a shit shirt but im not a sith
more lyrics like this can be found at the end of but they are all way too long and i dont know what to do with them im not really focused on making music right now ive done it so many times but id like to make some correction music to modify what i already have im a little bit older now thizz latin told me to be more gangsta then i never joined ended up loosing that girl too was upset about it a long ass time even cut myself
when that teacher does something i call “doing it” i think the secret meaning behind this song is that pink floyd lured in a handler and caught him on a recorder yelling at the band. atleast mine know not to “do it” anymore that is yell in that sophisticated voice i would flip out aqnd achieve things every time
more links later

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