connecting everything together after this connecting everything rhyme borrowed from early early early travel time

Hi connected everything i had ever written right here believe in dreams ive seen the paranormal

I connected everything i had ever written like the blob right here up for a month launch the fox lunch box drop its last stops its like you only get to fly and not glide when you jump through space and above hot pocket city on a sunday straight through the conveyor into the garbagefolks eat pizza pockets i was jumpef in northenos what do i want forgot cold walk not drop hit like yes hit my half of it already dropped fuck it like its hot sockets slim shadys wippin shittys projectillogics self taught college one month drunk one time i was on the counter playing with me keys like the simpson father some fyamily have we not forgot god? I remember this one guy his name is jebus hit like likr Ha ha ha nice space bound waited too long long before i found new crew but not shtop but i got my hips ships buts cocks i am one one of the one my rocks evolve believe in paranormal visions not socks storym hcords clouds are friends with visioyns i believe in katies socks cocks i got religion who wants psycotronic stomp box i bwant thats not yours cops i want listins lost real steel lost listens i live near forced fear not stars lake hoes lucid dreams witness make fate theres more vision than look its not here it is is or is not clear dxmy is the closest thing on the other side the relighion died thats over time what state than a double team mention hemp goats knows no not grow not ghosts i wants nutrution only the first time no thats not letice i got scared yo yo yo travel dimensions end the sentance bo you cant make me breath i want no pain not even the first time fate as i grasp for air yes sir i got medals heavy medal ate the place let go wuestions up near as in it is not in up here but more than alive times escape into the myst inside but not in rhyme forms forever satan falls from heaven its steers seized vessels is still not here run on sentance but once im lost radio im not here i want to go back home to be alive im here forever they placed et phone home jello shots love inside temper throw up temple knows no level of fear most of us beed drugs the towns mound no black box radio was still the radio heavy metal was still saten i smoke bud on the nintendo no no no suds my favorite dream was driven by jump spin fly knows only fly cocoon from just dont know what visions of souls was just a hoax but so what what it was whats not in the bible i must flux believe in no not magic ham radio let go know that im in the bible like infinite potato your hubble im not radio dry hump like high flux did not blush not sex not drugs as use it once is to numba one just as having fun is to numba two i guess they ate food theres two they made me a q get on my level im the catholic church thst says theres no magic im in hell but i get in heaven they would have wanted me for there coe now i give in i dont know gin? one moment of fear then nothing just for listening to the radio i can tell the difference between the two it feels different then theres the interdimensional frequency dream i experienced one time they said something to me in jail but not that at the but what pot is not that crude

Im The unsigned here and now left behind mine calm past l do not know gold i need no intro im picky food do the dew thats non in in include ive abused dxm once too the soup kitchen was the matrix as into the time i flew above disposable food ive breathed in their fumes im pharoh in the temple they found rhymes stopped new entry but not new news damn im young but i think i won jessie too when but im older meo now meets a new crew thats far far older than the news i went close to that far far from home to group thats not that far i cry more high try to fly fly fly no no no thats not yours tonight i might rise rise rise im hard to find far from much much more i divoreced crude i brainstorm more with a zen mind cash my temple as i try to find my bride i love my dude just found out the one in which im in love i havent masterbated in a month im in love fuck lore i see two sides but im data im drunk not sick with a tick the second times Michaels present the jackson nine crys when the find my hard dick in the past im much more spoken going golden im much more advanced what test i walk along the track as i battle signed peasents the one dream i meets beats bands walked up with a bat cage strapped around my dick i need cash to advance i rocked up cigarettes the ring im drunk just ask pat im seldom king but im not new trapped by temper im defensless in a bat cage i question disposable sax a mo phone rapped but not as a random include but ask as an educated guess im fat is sometimes best i survived the stress test bomb threat die pants i live in the ocean but i ride with the ants jonny cash with no pants please include a phonr with a mic every night tonight is the first time i yeard the demon cry thats not yours i play sac yes ive sat out all alone ive laughed at tj max right despite cold i know the future my events called bible started eating flax i mask sand niggers calm ninjas new pants inclusions fronton too dude she has a mask im in the news i want heaven but its in the bible linkin park got bored and knew dr kavorkian sounds crazy too at the corner store of mound hey there numba one seezed mu vessel your dumber son im in the graveyard alone buy rome to the rome to the rome hi im jerome but compared teo numba one the bible hacks the new bible they made him a q sent back a hologram im numba one but i gets numba two my dads advanced with my twenty two i bought 50 bucks your not getting robbed i have a gun i write the future meets past past bite my dad is always numba one clips of grandfathered twenty two my dad had fun more than once ive been two try my rap drive forty four like four airhornw going fortu five warp two mark black boxed dew i understood iron lungs since i was young ive already one this is just for fun i tried hanson not bieber justin named his penis young dumb acting ensign wesley crusher who if braner asks is the traveler they always have blues up the but yes yes my shory term memory sucks what comes next comes from long term dreams hells yes im gonna leave her i am god i travel alone too i dont have time for dreams right now im living it long long ago i had lots of long term dreams streaks im strong about the end of the world survival dreams are fun until they stopped both right as armageddon where is cartman im carmin that advanced hit like i just emerged the ones i resoect are the ones i met in the dreams down boy that album hurts kids are for trix who the fuck gives i met my bride once were best friends i dont laugh at thst girl live for nothing stoney was left the first time i disrespected someone alive far from behind my first lucid dream tried my first time for real friends after the dumb but one year war dreams escape to the mist today i woke up confused there is no fear up there skull but ive had sex one time try virgin i like dry hump the team thats not yours thats not yours towers bean the clan be recruiting its members a dream is a place i want to be free i talk to stay i believe in dreams because even though i got so powerful that i would say i disrespected them far more soft core than them worse i love too changed them changed men because they respect them then before bible two with lee towers it was reversed

Unless you become the borg you will run out of my magic the matrix will take over i have two souls im an only child with one sister too i am neo i am the one ive been prepared since i was young

My dream world is more powerful than my dream world no there equal we the people spit sick slip split fly rhymes if i try die die die blues clue days nights so tight then i die but now is the time i dry hump my herion but die the very first time that i try feed me jesus

Last night i existed in linkin parks hell with a feeling but no story going to sleep inside tell stop that tone of voice escaped into the must i didnt realize it was a dream at first but i woke up at that place just not confusef in the place to dwell with a story to tell terrified falling falling falling if i dont get signed i tried but im in linkin parks hell having preminitions what are visions i flash roms but not rom kitchens miss stron yeah i sat that one out too

The only dream ever better than a lucid dream was the one in jail when there was a box next to me beaming this feeling and i sensed the alien from behind my bavk as he walks into my vision i couldnt make details but he was grey with 3 legs the middle one was twitchin i had one ither dream in jail now im disgusted by it gross but i loved it so much they also raped me my entire life in dreams but it was not scary until the story of how i met my arranged wife i long for that feeling and those feelings my favorite dream us the ine im in the countey

That star trek movie where the dudes all selfish im selfish because i make free music q?

The butterfly are still in a cocoon i sense this place is final denial the death star goes boom were not hot the nexus odo was my hero eat shrooms inside a cocoon thats gots my mind thinking dxs is that you organs yet i get nexus in the middle of the room dxm changes every time ever mixed it with meth its religion and magic is lost the first time you cant stand underwear middle of the room

I use to play video games all day every day but the magic had wore off just like video games the trenches the feeling of rap as its relentless i only saw jesus christ once but before that it might as well have been once but i thought i saw god in nature

One dream that just resurfaced and this is a long one but my college dorm was flooded but we didnt care or something and method man had hid arms around one side and method man had arms around the other side and we were good pals and they were gonna run a train on me but the dream ended before that happened ha ha ha dry hump they didnt even get that or how about the one that ii just realized was an over sized trailor and i went lucid and there were 15 people in the room i flew up in the air and in 2 seconds dry humped everyone im the room then said ha ha ha your gay expirements I actually got dry hump lets talk about the best orgasm i had in dream where i was in a hot tub without water masterbating theres nothing like it

Had reacurring dreams about the end of the world till we got there hitler lost dont fuck with isreal then the other reacuring dream is where i sensed danger then i didnt get to move wound or talk thats not scaredi like i could not see them then the dreams end i approve of no soup for you go eat some cerial no hot food pot too

I was a legendary street racer all day every day for 3 and a half years my moms dream van was purple with black and white seat covers as an after thought i was driving 120 on the way home from a dance this is the only time i ever crashed while racing there was a flash of light then it was done the tranny and engine were cracked but i drove that up on the road the thought of that now makes me smile i once showed a dog

Basic instructions before leaveing earth meets earth the one noun pi that reached through earth reach around boyfriend stall shoot up mall how fast the fall dreams are sleef hard core strap myself with a bomb wrist watch predator weapons porn seconds scorn whats that mean dosent matter if you only knew how much on fire believe in the force fell off horse loose saddle loose rattle it was lee towers only better met novender beats made by august slavery abolished what the fuck do you mean i did not flunk out of college

Oh it went that all along changed one word

In the occult i just met someone someone else or was it a joke dont remember hmm

Later in a book i learned about the rzas storm drain i know about the truck i just bought one new drugs new tux

No no im japanese no no no im japenese but i want something better no guns wrist watch flint cocks goes boom did not eat the food but lauged fox eat foods artic cat they freed niggers ha ha ha you were all slaves hitler said the indian didnt work drives casinas ab positive blood three percent who says i dont repent i can break bread but you have to eat my flesh one time somewhere it did miracles are bothing the force your confrontin wait in the moment dont run your moth teach back the lessen my apprentice 3 day transfers jack my one worthy apprentice he adked questions lets go to colorado gotta raise my credit first i dont have a kid but i once give them birth my purse my purse ceised my vessel ceised my vessel gettin temple i dont believe in nintendo projectillogics beam better chairs the soup kitchen through once couldnt walk magic wears off and comes back to the place of real bound magic were unlimited not giving a shit its big we are kings haloween the rings pat dispearsed the first smokr go through divorce while camping that guy was being an ass i get them drunk im the first one who gave you pot my dad couldnt get me drunk till i was 10 i wear depends

I tapr the occult when it was weak i first believed it was god breeding dogs the condoms my dads van the dog show yeah one time i showed a dog did not groom dog walked circle im not a cocker im not a blocker i jerk off in my locker

I got this fluit and when you play it a big mondter comes out it is not technology you see the occult we make the trade hell you my selfs made with a phony body but were better if were injured

Do something with the sword insert video ha ha ha space not way down not way up there

You think your jacky chan im toyota fan belt

Numba one numba one numba two numba too the portions are slim but there free numba two numba two

There is no them there unless they come this voice had to change either way last night they sounded just like thats not your thats not years lee towers ninja my only vision is that energy i cant draw zen except effects on a computer trying to be script kiddy 5 launguages advanced gave up programming commander crunk is not my first viral hit crack crack crack commander crunk what the fuck i was found verse the only time i was paralyzed in real life is during the lil wayne concert fate bustas face the money the honeys thr spray i wasnt allowed there because i was too drunk when they were talking i heard him say nothing i thought he was talking about me but he was talking about tre

Slim shady moved into michael jacksons house the fate two white boys equals better slim shadys back the look on eminems face marshal mathers my kids ol dirty bastard my wish it’s getting harder its also getting stronger im a prophet what means a prophit there we got it slavery was abolishef they keep it fake when they say we are not slaves hitlers grave or is it a maze about face both of us too my job one cloth try to survive in division 282 two i rapped for one of theguys that made the captain in boot camp bust on through wasnt scared nobody cared one yard stair they say you may cut your own hair

I have holograms its not connected spinning wall the hall space balls pizza pizza meet balls drugs iron lungs tire irons driving lugs no suds thats better than water tour not my father no no no i was flashef in before i saw those rigs like two seconds before theres like 5 ones they traveled time then the radia ball cried thats not a big ball of light hun that madt be fore tv wasnt me the time i see a ghost and know to phone home the sound he esclaimed after it came into visions i small wait then he exclaims its changing colets so what what what thats one lost video im gonna die when i retire

The vision and those must be my two inside minds yong young yeah that state too its nothing yall ever seen its big thats just a prediction this is all just an edcucated guess that means i have a license to cuss im a sailor the marines sneeze that means once a week i get really really drunk we play basketball in bootcamp but are not despite common assumptions alowed to play eazy breezy cover girl my apprentice went but to college the dance ambercrombie and fish him lee towers temple rebel beaner teener justin bieber the beaver

Try to figure out how this happened i passed all the tests but dropped out of school the two didnt talk the doctor wasnt talking i didnt fake retarded to the master chief and captain but as the apprentice i was not talking captain jerry says we got a bus i went by jerome back then but i have that option record labels footballs apprentice both had records hes the one who showed me how to get out our 8 and a half months could not only start after two montus numba two and the 3 biggest coincidences with that lollipop tramp stamp strap trap picks your patch eats it too the time i told them all in the store that i only eat space candy im quick but im skinny broken fist fights alex i eat candy i could sit if i fuck up this shit

I believe in states beyond gates that place you can see it in my face be it grace without a trace the ai i left behind codes build code dog shows build rhythm line gifted survive twisted ride my mission is sublime ying yang state middle top dog state monkeys made them smast donkeys twistin yarn honkies wasnt hard yacky talks when your trying to walk yeah yeah dude nom hicks soft bricks docks kicks

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