Star wars convergence in the force O2-09-1985 THE asterilogical sign of change 29! jah pi projectillogic jerAb ab positive blood is the NEWEST blood type we are 4% I have no kids VOTE out psychotronic technology I use schizophrenia jah the rastifarian god must be Jerome Allen Hickman?

Time travel

All realms



Time traveler

I don’t really have a plan

But I’m superstious about my calculations

Things cloak and unclock

The rainbow hazy glimps of the fast glimps of my movie time travel

There’s some

My mom gave me that name so my grandparents would help me now she’s mad about it

The Roman empire fell eventually after they tortured Jesus because everyone stopped giving a fuck

Don’t allow yourself to be a pussy and vote in more psychotronic torture to more people simply because you think it won’t happen to you. The developer of the weapon said according to the former govenor of the state I live in “that he accidentally enabled the dark side” and that he defected and that he does not fear death

They lost the developer of their technology that’s a risky decision

The Roman government would still be in power if they would have accepted jesuses help

That’s my view on it

Viva the revolution people that use torture instead of intelligence to get voted history shows inevitability fails I would guess

There’s still time left to stop this beast but not much

I would of helped them if they had shown me respect

Former govenor of my state Jessie ventura ended his prime time conspiracy TV show at “season 3 episode 7 brain Invaders”

A message to all skeptics

If I knew of someone who I believe is INSANE; beyond praying for the guy, what can I possibly do for him? I have personally known two Schizophrenic and four Bi-Polarity Disorder people. Despite my having a Degree in Psychology which I ‘majored’ in; I still don’t know enough to possibly understand, or to help such individuals. I pray for all of them; just like I would pray for any sick person. The INSANE one gets me really annoyed and irritated at times. I want to tell him off, or at least say, “GO TO HELL!” but then I know he is sick. I know that we have all encountered people like this. The one we call “GOD”, the Most High, the LORD God, has told me, “Do not bother Eric. But pray for him.” I want to warn people of him; but do not wish to stigmatize him at the same time. He thinks he can speak ‘AS’ GOD, JESUS CHRIST, AND MARY. Anyhow… if you could kindly (and clearly) offer any advice here it would be much appreciated. Blessed Be you! Keep yourself well. Timothy

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People drive me artificially innsane then get mad at me because I’m schizophrenic that’s not a good combination we’ve been fighting about that for 10 years why does everyone call me crazy because I’m schizophrenic and have a handler

Nobody believes me that these voices are real around here I don’t know if anybody knows it yet but these voices are not good leaders there………………….

Everyone calls me crazy all my life because

Nobody wants to or can help me

Nobody’s gonna help me because there scared of the voices after all I’m scared myself

The voices know now that they are bad they will hide that from you

I think there more into having fun than me but my funs funner because there pissed off why do I continue to work knowing how pissed off they are cuz that’s just me but I fight for what I call good I cant avoid having fun traveling time with this story either way

Oh the mystical states that have been guiding me oh the romance of the cartoon dream world oh Christ oh watch me go on the mic before my powers were activated like they are now how good but misguided I am how painfull evolves

What if I was Christ’s ghost put back into a clone and wasn’t as powerful


Pray for him to come they time traveled on my ass who saw who first how many times has this happened where did it evolve

Was it really time travel or just made to look like time travel

Deep questions